Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Our Demands, that are self evident, follow:
  • We demand a world wide ban on arms fairs, military shows and military displays of force. These events give government sponsored legitimisation to the destructive military industrial complex.
  • We demand that strategic forces, such as SSBNs and long range nuclear bombers, are confined to bases and only allowed to operate under agreement from a revised UN security council (which we outline below). The renewed hunter killer submarines patrols of today impose an unacceptable pressure on submarine commanders, on either side, who may be put under threat at a time of increased international tensions and forced to initiate premature launch sequences.  
  • We demand that the UN Permanent Security council (US, Russia, China, UK, France) is disbanded. All members of this group have unequivocally abused their position on the world stage by using force of arms to extend their hegemony and the governments of each member country have undermined climate change agreement and efforts.
  • We demand that the UN Permanent Security Council is replaced by a council which any member state that is committed to tackling climate change, up holding international law and preservation of the Geneva Convention can join. Any member state joining this group must also uphold the principle of fair rights to critical resource and the concept managing CO2 emissions through contraction and convergence in accordance with the time table set by the best science. Membership of this group is thus based on moral power, and not on the economic and military power.
  • We demand that any nation joining this group puts its military forces, including strategic forces, under the command of this group. We further demand that any strategic force, such as submarines and bombers, are manned by multi-national crews drawn from the member nations.
  • We demand that an International Environmental Crimes Commission is formed along the lines of the Nuremburg court and the Hague Commission.  Any world leader or large corporate interest that deliberately undermines climate conventions can be arrested under its conventions, tried and punished through this court.
  • We demand an immediate ban on the further manufacture of bombers, submarines and ballistic missiles by all nations.